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  • brag18
    Tank bracelet
  • brag17
    "Tank" bracelet
  • bras69
    Pink-winged enamel bracelet
  • bras84
    Pink-winged angel bracelet
  • diam102
    Necklace "Parrot"
  • diam101
    Birds with diamonds
  • diam95
    Fox necklace with diamonds
  • diam94
    Engagement ring
  • Senza nome-8-2000x2000
    Galaxy earrings
  • ormax93
    Strawberries earrings
  • ormax92
    Flower earrings
  • ormax89
    Citrine quartz earrings
  • gem13
    "Pin-up" cufflinks
  • Merù gemelli corallo
    cufflinks with coral and black onyx
  • Gemelli leoni Merù
    lions cufflinks
  • Gemelli Merù smaltati
    enameled vintage cufflinks
  • cio243
  • penp137
    Gepard necklace
  • peng42
    Mediterranean. "Primavera"necklace
  • penp136
    "Frog Prince" necklace
  • Senza nome-6-2000x2000
    Saint Lucy's eye ring
  • Senza nome-5-2000x2000
    Saint Lucy's eye ring
  • Senza nome-4-2000x2000
    Green agate ring
  • anp47
    Large Good luck eye

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