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  • bras88
    Peony bracelet
  • k18nyl96
    Prince and princess
  • brag18
    Tank bracelet
  • brag17
    "Tank" bracelet
  • diam106
    Pendant "Gun Glock"
  • diam104
    Birds necklace
  • diam103
    Blue opal necklace
  • diam102
    Necklace "Parrot"
  • ormax99
    Pink coral and diamonds
  • ormax98
    Red coral and diamonds
  • cer44
    Hoop earrings 11 mm
  • cer43
    Torchon hoop 32 mm
  • mas6
    Cuban chain
  • mas5
    Pendant "Jesus Piece"
  • gem13
    "Pin-up" cufflinks
  • Merù gemelli corallo
    cufflinks with coral and black onyx
  • penp153
    Green agate necklace
  • penp152
    "Kitten" necklace
  • penp150
    Angel pink wings necklace
  • Picture taken with Alo Photo Scan 4 - Registrato a GIOELLERIA MERU -
    Pink coral and diamonds necklace
  • anp197
    Pink coral ring
  • ang84
    Chevalier with pink sapphire
  • anp194
    Ring with agate and opal
  • anp192
    Ring with pink quartz

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